Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Forex Wave Theory

An innovative new approach for spot currency traders to analyze price fluctuations in the foreign exchange market. Technical analysis is used widely as a trading tool by nearly everyone in the world. Elliot waves is one of the technical analysis tool used by professional traders, that gives them an edge over the rest.  You will get to know nearly every detail about wave theory inside this e-book.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

3 Ways To Identify A Trend.

There are basically two types of trading environments in the currency trading market like other markets. These are a Trend and a Range. A trend is simply a move in price in one direction and a range is an oscillation in price between two broad levels. Unlike stocks, currencies tend to follow trends, once we know the trend, we can profit from this information. In order to determine the trend and to know when the trend changes its direction,we need some help of indicators.

There are three most important indicators discusses in this short ebook, that are being used by most successful traders and analysts. Once you finish reading this ebook, you will know how to use these indicators to decide your entry and exit levels.             
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Technical Trading Tactics

It is a complete guide to trading using technical analysis. Technical analysis is a tool when used properly, can be highly profitable. New investors in the foreign exchange market need to develop their trading skills. The most effective way to develop trading skills is to learn and then keep learning about technical analysis. Now technical analysis itself is a broad field. Luckily you have the ebook about technical analysis which covers nearly every aspect of technical analysis. You will read about how to read charts, trade using pivot points, candlesticks, top indicators and much more.
so here is an overview of what you will find inside this free forex ebook.

Chapter # 1:   Introduction to Futures and Options: Understanding the Mechanics.
Chapter # 2:   Fundamentals: The market Driver.
Chapter # 3:   Technical Analysis: The Art of Charts.
Chapter # 4:    Candle Charts: Lighting the Path.
Chapter # 5:   Chart Analysis: Volume, Open Interest, Price Patterns.
Chapter # 6:    Pivot Point Analysis: A Powerful Weapon.
Chapter # 7:    Day-Trading, Swing Trading; Acting on Analysis.
Chapter #8:     Technial Indicators; Confirming Evidence.
Chapter # 9:    Market Sentiment; What Traders are Thinking.
Chapter #10:   Order Placement; Executing the plan.
Chapter #11:   The Mental Game: Inside The Trader.
Chapter #12:   The Technical Trader: Tips and Techniques That Work.
Chapter #13:   Options: A Primer.
Chapter #14:   Clossing Bell: My Top 10 List
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Forex High Probability Trading Setups

Forex High Probability Trading Setups

Forex High Probability Trading Setups

The ebook that you are about to read about is from some of the best strategists in the world. Boris Schlossberg and Kathy Lien are strategists that work with FXCM. Their commentries are presented on famous channels such as CNBC,CBS and Bloomberg. So the bottom line is, you should read this free forex ebook carefully.
Inside you will find sound advise based on their vast experience of the foreign exchange market. Here is an overview of the contents of this free forex ebook

Never let a winner turn into a loser.
Logic wins; Impulse kills.
Never Risk more than 2% per trade.
Trigger fundamentally, Enter and exit technically.
Always pair strong with weak.
Being right but being early simply means that you are wrong.
What is mathematically optimal is psychologically impossible.
Risk can be predetermined, but reward is unpredictable.
No excuses, Ever.

The Part 2 of this ebook contains some pratical and powerful trading setups for you. Understand them well, because they do work....

Five minute "momo" trade.
"Doing the right thing" CCI Trade.
Moving Average MACD Combo.
RSI Rollercoaster.
Pure Fade.
The Memory of Price.
Seven-Day extention Fade.
Turn to Trend.

Part 3 of this ebook contains some facts about fundamental analysis.Key information presented here too.
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Download 30 Days To Market Mastery

Here is it a free forex e-book that will teach you all there is about becoming a skilled trader of forex. It contains a thirty days workbook that will take you from a begginer to a skilled trader. Here are the contents of the free forex e-book.
Day-1         The Structure of a Trade
Day-2         Setup, Trigger and Follow-Through: The Basics
Day-3         Seasonality and High-Odds Seasonal Setups.
Day-4         The Seasonal Trigger.
Day-5          Follow-Through.
Day-6          Trading The Power Momentum Formula.
Day-7          Power Momentum Formula Trigger.
Day-8          PMF: Follow-Through part-1.
Day-9          PMF: Follow-Through Part-11.
Day-10        Using The Moving Average Channel Part-1.
Day-11        Using The Moving Average Channel Part-11.
Day-12         Three Powerful Price Patterns Part-1.
Day-13         Three Powerful Price Patterns Part-11.
Day-14         Three Powerful Price Patterns Part-111.
Day-15         The Eight Bar Open/Close and How To Use It.
Day-16-17    Understanding and Using The Commitment of Traders Report: Part-1.
Day-18-19    The Commitment of Traders Report: Part-11: Triggers.
Day-20-21    The Advanced 30 Minute Breakout for S&P and E-Mini Trading.
Day-22-24     How To Structure Your Trading portfolio for Maximum and Consistent Gains.
Day-25-27     Diversification.
Day-28          Putting it All Together.
Day-29-30    The Psychology and   Discipline of Trading. 

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Download 21 Candlesticks Every Trader Should Know.

Candlesticks are a greate tool that is available to any trader. If you want to enhance your trading experience and want to become an analyst of your own, then you must master technical analysis. Candlesticks can make your trading more accurate.
In this free forex ebook, you will get to know the 21 most important candlesticks that can increase your profits. Just put some effort in memorizing these candlesticks because you will see them over and over again. And if you have trained your eyes to recognize these candlesticks, you are likely to make extra profit.
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Free Forex E-book. Forex Trading, Candlesticks and Pattern.

A free forex ebook for you about technical analysis.Technical analysis is all about reading charts, candlesticks and patterns. If you combine technical analysis with fundamental analysis and trade acoordingly, you might be successful in currency trading.

Inside this free forex ebook you will find quality information about pivot points, what are they? how to implement pivot points in your trading. Fibonacci line and how to use them. Indicator, Money management, Contents of a trading plan and much more.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Free E-book. Getting Started In Forex Trading Strategies

They say it is a guide of high visuals to help you develop your personal forex trading strategy. Mainly intented for begginers, containing many resources and practical advise on forex trading that can only be learned by experience.
The e-book is written in accessible style and straightforward. You will be intoduced to the author's personal codex method that is a proven method which will allow you to make your very own trading strategy that could fit your own personal preferences.
The author also give you a simple approach to enter, monitor and exit a trade. The best way to implement your strategies is also discussed. Read the rest in this free forex e-book.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Forex Trading Using Intermarket Analysis. Free E-book!

Yes you can trade the currency market using the intermarket analysis.As we know that forex is a huge market with daily turnover more then a trillion dollar. So it is well understood that it is affected by other markets as well. A single pair can be affected by other major pairs. Gold, Silver, crude oil etc, they all have their effects on the forex market.

Thies e-book is all about the intermarket analysis. It teaches you, how you can get to know the trend of a specific currency pair by researching the intermarket. Read more inside this free forex ebook.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Missing Link In Fibonacci Trading. Free Forex Ebook!

I bet you have heard or read about Fibonacci ratios before. I am a big fan of Fibonacci ratios. The reason is simple, they work. But sometime i did got confused. I didn't knew how much the price is gonna retrace. Whether it will retrace to a certain level or will it continue to move. These were the questions that popped in my mind. But not now. Because i have read this free forex e-book now.

It tells a very effective method to let you know what the price is likely to do regarding the Fibonacci ratios. A short e-book though, but very informative. Take a look at it yourself and then tell me did you find it helpful?

                                                                   Download  HERE

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Download Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros. Free Ebook!

Technical analysis is also about understanding the chart patterns. We employ technical analysis due to the rason that the price is the sum of all the forces that are acting in the market. Also to be noted is the fact that price is generally repititive and trend follower in nature.
 So to become a master in technical analysis, you have to memorize nearly every chart pattern that exist.

Atleast the most important once like head and shoulder, double top and bottom etc. It takes a little while to get yourself aquinted with chart patterns but later, you will thank yourself that you learned such a valueable skill in currency trading.

So here it is a free forex ebook that will teach you what chart patterns are and how to identify them. Download, read and profit.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

80 Trading Stratgies For Forex Trading!

Howdy. If you are short of currency trading strategies. I have a huge list for you. A total of Eighty trading strategies by a pro forex traing wizard. It's not actually an ebooks that sell for 99.99 dollars. It's a compilation of a thread that gives you Eighty trading strategies in a row.

See for yourself which one suites you the best. Many to choose from. I would suggest you open a demo account and start testing which one works the best for you. Yeah i know what you will be thinking. It's boring and takes so much time to test not less but Eighty trading strategies. But tell you what, you might have heard or read that before somewhere on the World Wide Web, it says that there is a steap learning curve. Now whoever said that is 100% right.

If you want to succeed in currency Trading, Start to follow your own system, generate your own signals. Stop looking for short cuts. That's the best advise i can give to you. Anyways download this free forex ebook and get started.
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

How I Make 150 Dollars A Day In Forex! Free Forex Ebook

That's right. This free forex ebook will teach you a no brainer trading plan to help you make atleast 150 dollars in a single day. tell you what, if you are a bigginer in forex trading or you have a small capital, this free forex ebook is meant for you.

A little advise for you, if you dont have huge capital, then you must not think that you will become a millionaire in few weeks trading the currency market. That is the one of the top reasons why most people fail in forex trading. Dont take forex as a get rich quick scheme, rather follow a plan to make say 50-100-150 dollars a day. That should be enough for you. I personally follow a plan to make not more then 100 bucks a day. You should follow a plan like this too, if you dont have huge capital.

So here is a free forex ebook that will let you know how you can make 150 dollars a day in forex. If you do plan to follow the instructions given in this ebook, then remember to stick to that plan. Successful forex trading requires persistence and discpline. Dont get distracted by the hype presented over and over on the web. Follow a plan,stick to it and you will do just fine.

                                     Download the ebook HERE

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Download ICWR forex Trading Strategy. Free Forex Ebook!!

Learn how you can trade Any manor pair by mastering a plan of action that combines high level maths with most fundamental priciples of human behavior. Simplified in such a way that even a newbie can easily start getting profit from it.

It basically get's you through the wave principles. You have alot to learn inside this free forex ebook. Very simplied lingo with many trading examples. This system is developed by a team of Phd mathematicians, computer guru's and behavioral psychologist. So let's get into this free forex ebook!

Download the free forex ebook HERE

Friday, March 12, 2010

Download Beat The Forex Dealer- Free Forex Ebook!

Foreign exchange trading is a zero sum game. Either you lose or you gain. But i know one thing for sure, you just want to gain. So to be in a position to gain, You must have the right information, the right knowledge. So here is one of the best free forex ebook, i have ever came across. It asumes that you have the basic knowledge of foreign exchange trading. It's not exactly about some strategies or trading plan's, but it does reveals some concrete fact regarding the foreign exchange market. Here is an overview of the free forex ebook.
1- Through the eyes of a trader
2- The retail side of things.
3- Joining the 10 %.
4- Fx trading tips.
5- Dealer trades.
6- the future.                
                                         Download the ebook HERE

Donwload 7 Winning Strategies For Trading Forex!

If you are new to currency trading, and are curious to find out a way to make some money there, this free forex ebook is for you my friend. Even if you are a existing trader, you may find something useful in it. In this free forex ebook you will find seven highly effective strategies to catch some pips. these seven strategies are:

1- Market Sentiment.
2- Trend Riding.
3- Breakout Fading.
4- Breakout Trading
5- Decreased Volatility Breakout.
6- Carry Trades.
7- News Straddling.

Get yourself some candlestick knowledge first before reading this ebook. I hope you will find it in many free forex ebooks listed here.
                                                                                Download the ebook HERE
 Happy reading :-)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Download Commitments Of Traders

There are many players in the foreign exchange market. There are individuals like me and you, but the key players are the big one's. They are often called the big dogs.

These include central banks, hedge funds, government agencies etc. What's special about these big dog's is the amount of currency they trade in the market. If you have been reading free forex ebooks that are in this blog, you should have an idea that the forex market works on a supply and demand basis.

What that means is, if a currency's demand increases, it appreciate against other currencies and vice versa. Since these big dogs place orders of huge quantity, they are the main players who drive the currency pairs up and down. So if we, the individual players, find a hint of what these big dogs are doing, we could profit from it.

luckily we can get a hint of what they are doing. It's called the commitment of traders. A report that is published on a weekly basis. Read the rest in the free forex ebook.

Download the ebook HERE

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Download Adventures of A Currency Trader.

You are gonna love this ebook just like i did. An inspirational story for every beginner and broke trader. If you have ever lost money in forex, dont worry, you are not alone.
 Infact i did too. But you can comeback when you have the right knowledge. The right discipline. This ebook will give you what it takes to be a successful and profitable trader.
Let me be honest, you will not learn any good forex trading system or any currency trading strategy in this free forex ebook, but this free forex ebook will give you the exact insight into the trading psychology and you will learn what mistakes begginers make often.

Anyways you can Download the ebook HERE

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Forex online manual for successful trading

Here it is. The second free forex ebook.It's called the forex online manual for successful trading.
Inside this free forex ebook, you will wealth of information that if understood and put into application could result in Pips, you know what i mean..Pips.
So here is an overview of this free forex ebook that you are downloading.
It contains a total of  7 chapters,a bibliography and glossary and foreign exchange terms.
chapter 1- Introduction
chapter 2-Kinds of major currencies and exchange systems.
chapter 3-Kinds of foreign exchange markets.
chapter 4-Fundamental analysis.
chapter 5-Technical analysis.
chapter 6-The fibonacci analysis and elliott wave theory.
chapter 7-Foreign exchange risks ( dont underestimate this one :-).
Here you can
download it HERE

Happy reading and trading.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Download free forex ebook. Technical_analysis_currency_strategy.

Hi there, here at this blog you can learn, understand and download free forex ebooks instantly. I will be positing links to free forex ebooks about forex trading, forex trading strategies, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, fibonacci trading, trend identification, forex trading indicators, forex expert advisors and much more!
              As you know that currency trading is a on going learning process, so take your time, go through all the free forex ebooks that i post here from time to time. As your learn more and more, you will become good at trading, and finally a time will come when you will be doing your own analysis and placing trades based on your own calculations.
             As for now you can download a free forex ebook called Currency Strategy. It will take you from a basic level to a advanced forex trading level. you can download it     HERE

Happy reading :-).   Come back for more free forex ebooks downloads.
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