Friday, March 12, 2010

Download Beat The Forex Dealer- Free Forex Ebook!

Foreign exchange trading is a zero sum game. Either you lose or you gain. But i know one thing for sure, you just want to gain. So to be in a position to gain, You must have the right information, the right knowledge. So here is one of the best free forex ebook, i have ever came across. It asumes that you have the basic knowledge of foreign exchange trading. It's not exactly about some strategies or trading plan's, but it does reveals some concrete fact regarding the foreign exchange market. Here is an overview of the free forex ebook.
1- Through the eyes of a trader
2- The retail side of things.
3- Joining the 10 %.
4- Fx trading tips.
5- Dealer trades.
6- the future.                
                                         Download the ebook HERE

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