Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Download Commitments Of Traders

There are many players in the foreign exchange market. There are individuals like me and you, but the key players are the big one's. They are often called the big dogs.

These include central banks, hedge funds, government agencies etc. What's special about these big dog's is the amount of currency they trade in the market. If you have been reading free forex ebooks that are in this blog, you should have an idea that the forex market works on a supply and demand basis.

What that means is, if a currency's demand increases, it appreciate against other currencies and vice versa. Since these big dogs place orders of huge quantity, they are the main players who drive the currency pairs up and down. So if we, the individual players, find a hint of what these big dogs are doing, we could profit from it.

luckily we can get a hint of what they are doing. It's called the commitment of traders. A report that is published on a weekly basis. Read the rest in the free forex ebook.

Download the ebook HERE

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