Saturday, March 6, 2010

Forex online manual for successful trading

Here it is. The second free forex ebook.It's called the forex online manual for successful trading.
Inside this free forex ebook, you will wealth of information that if understood and put into application could result in Pips, you know what i mean..Pips.
So here is an overview of this free forex ebook that you are downloading.
It contains a total of  7 chapters,a bibliography and glossary and foreign exchange terms.
chapter 1- Introduction
chapter 2-Kinds of major currencies and exchange systems.
chapter 3-Kinds of foreign exchange markets.
chapter 4-Fundamental analysis.
chapter 5-Technical analysis.
chapter 6-The fibonacci analysis and elliott wave theory.
chapter 7-Foreign exchange risks ( dont underestimate this one :-).
Here you can
download it HERE

Happy reading and trading.

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