Friday, April 2, 2010

Download 30 Days To Market Mastery

Here is it a free forex e-book that will teach you all there is about becoming a skilled trader of forex. It contains a thirty days workbook that will take you from a begginer to a skilled trader. Here are the contents of the free forex e-book.
Day-1         The Structure of a Trade
Day-2         Setup, Trigger and Follow-Through: The Basics
Day-3         Seasonality and High-Odds Seasonal Setups.
Day-4         The Seasonal Trigger.
Day-5          Follow-Through.
Day-6          Trading The Power Momentum Formula.
Day-7          Power Momentum Formula Trigger.
Day-8          PMF: Follow-Through part-1.
Day-9          PMF: Follow-Through Part-11.
Day-10        Using The Moving Average Channel Part-1.
Day-11        Using The Moving Average Channel Part-11.
Day-12         Three Powerful Price Patterns Part-1.
Day-13         Three Powerful Price Patterns Part-11.
Day-14         Three Powerful Price Patterns Part-111.
Day-15         The Eight Bar Open/Close and How To Use It.
Day-16-17    Understanding and Using The Commitment of Traders Report: Part-1.
Day-18-19    The Commitment of Traders Report: Part-11: Triggers.
Day-20-21    The Advanced 30 Minute Breakout for S&P and E-Mini Trading.
Day-22-24     How To Structure Your Trading portfolio for Maximum and Consistent Gains.
Day-25-27     Diversification.
Day-28          Putting it All Together.
Day-29-30    The Psychology and   Discipline of Trading. 

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